California! I was supposed to go last year but something came up so I couldn’t. I might fly out there some other year, not sure since I wanna do ECCC too. I have a few friends in the Seattle area though.

Still too far away T-T Why is everyone so far away? Ah well, we’ll always have Franc…oise…?

heinrippy asked: If you wanna go ahead and try to translate it, that would be fab! There's a link to it either in that post or on the masterlist under RE. Have fun at Sakuracon! I would totally be going if I didn't have to save for Fanime/moving to TX next month (well, and I have my job that eats my weekends too)

Already started. Got page 13 (when they’re driving back from being told they’re too powerful and must separate) literally translated but I can’t make much sense of it. I’m suspecting Joe speaks metaphorically and I’m going to punch him in the face.

Wait, you would go? Where the heck do you live?


Ivan is a baby, babies are supposed to be like the most expressive creatures on earth.

Ivan is like, the least expressive of all the cyborgs. This needs to be fixed.

Also yeah I like to imagine he liked to play with Kubikuro as well.

Emotionally scarred yet adorable BABIES.

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I just washed my hair and while it was wet I combed it back straight over my head to ‘accustom’ it to the position. It’s dried incredibly poofed out like an 80’s ‘do it’s like short Archaia Jet hair.

My god, Jet. I finally understand you.





The more I think about it, the more I come to the conclusion that the whole put-Joe-through-highschool-for-27-years plan is terrible in every way

Like how could anyone not see how messed up it was

Rant which pretty much turned into an essay under the cut

(you can skip to the tl;dr at the end if you want lmao)

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I really really wish we had a translation of Setting Off because I feel like it would make some of this more clear in terms of whose decision it was to do what pre RE: Cyborg. 

That being said, if it was Gilmore who made the decision on his own and then executed it, as implied in the film, it’s not the first time he made a decision with little regard for human rights or personal boundaries and desires as far as the 00 cyborgs are concerned. It’s something that Gilmore is shown to struggle with throughout the 2001 series at least, and I assume the manga as well. 

Working under Black Ghost, it’s entirely possible he was told that he had willing participants and he’s so into his work and the possibilities of it that he just takes the line he’s fed and continues in the name of progress. Albert probably helped him feel a little validated in the fact that he literally saved the man’s life (Albert wouldn’t have survived due to his injuries if they hadn’t remodeled him) but they still turned him into a weapon, fitting him with missiles, a machine gun, a knife, and in some versions a neutron bomb in his chest. There’s no moralizing that away and a surgery so extensive would have taken a long time and given him plenty of time to object. Which he doesn’t visibly do until Geronimo, and that’s only because the synthetic heart model he’s given to implant in Geronimo’s chest has flaws, threatening the success of the operation and his scientific integrity. He even says as much in Black Ghost Lives!

I knew that I had entered a dark forbidden world where law and morality meant nothing. Still I was compelled by the desire to conquer uncharted territory.

And right before operating on Francoise:

The opportunity to prove my theory was right there before me. Seeing the specimen on the operating table, nothing could have stopped me, not even the slightest feeling of remorse.

He worked for Black Ghost for a shorter amount of time in the manga than in the 2001 series, likely closer to one decade than five, but this information is still very pertinent to his character. Even over the course of his time alone with the rebelling zero zero cyborgs, Gilmore comes up with ways to try and improve them and make scientific progress. He’s turned down a few times to my knowledge in the manga, but also taken up on it (ie: GB’s remodeling into a child). And when they’re injured? If someone doesn’t keep an eye on him, he continues to experiment. Just look at Pyunma during Yomi. Without his consent, Gilmore replaces his skin with the scales he developed and tries to justify it through saying he’ll be better able to perform in battle. In the manga, he even tries to justify it through the change in color, that he did away with Pyunma’s being black. It’s not okay and in that instance at least, it’s presented as such with the other cyborgs defending Pyunma to Gilmore, who doesn’t seem to completely understand.

I’m not saying that Gilmore is an inherently evil man, far from it, but his faults are much more dire than most because this group of people (and however many others came before them in the D-prototype trials) suffered a loss of human rights in the name of progress, the name of military progress, and Gilmore had no illusions that that was the reason. He was blinded by his own thirst for scientific discovery and development and he hurt a lot of people with it, and continues to do so, trying to justify it along the way. 

All of this shows Gilmore to be very apt at convincing himself that something is the right course of action even if deep down he knows it’s not. I have no doubt in my mind that he really does care for the 00 cyborgs as family, and that his fervor to help them grow and improve is genuine, but he is never not a scientist. He can’t turn it off, and that mindset invades his decision making to the point of disregarding the team’s wishes on more than one occasion usually “for their own good.” It’s something that I’ve seen parents in the real world do quite a lot.

Basically, for Joe, yes Gilmore wanted to do what was best for him, but his idea of what’s best isn’t always right and he nearly always jumps to using science to further his aims, in this case resetting Joe’s brain every three or so years instead of allowing him to live his own life, such as it is.

Gilmore is not evil, he cares, but he’s far from perfect.

You sum it up really well, I think Gilmore’s character is really interesting! I actually have a fanfic idea which explores this but I’m not a good writer and I don’t have the time to implement it sobs

It’s almost funny though how, despite all his genius, Gilmore can be really short-sighted about things. Like how could repeated mind resets and reliving the same period of life over and over not end badly? It makes you think that there would have to be another reason behind it (even if it’s just a little twisted curiosity, maybe even subconscious..)

But what gets to me the most is that the others let this go on for so long. I wonder things like, did they try to stop Gilmore? Convince him out of it? Or agree completely? (Which brings us back to lack of translated material sigh)

It just brings me to the point that they all know how important it is they accept themselves. All the cyborgs have come to terms with what they are. And they let that be taken away from Joe?

Ivan in particular gets to me, because he should know! He should be able to feel it in Joe that it’s not a good idea, and Ivan (and Francoise, too) are in the best position to change the Doctor’s mind.

Idk, I just feel like there has to be more deciding factors than Gilmore making up his mind on his own.

Genius can be like that, and Gilmore’s specialties are definitely in the physical medicine side of things, physiology, cardiology, neuroscience, etc. I don’t think he has a very good grasp of psychology at all, or in fact has any sort of deep understanding of anything that’s not hard science. If you’ve seen Fringe, Walter Bishop reminds me of Gilmore quite a lot and that show actually addresses the scientist’s disregard for basic human rights.

I’m really not sure what went on with the other cyborgs concerning what Gilmore decided. Even if you remove the ones who moved back to their respective countries in Setting Off from the equation (which includes Geronimo despite his being present with the Foundation at the start of RE, though it’s said that Gilmore called them all at the start too) Francoise and Ivan are indeed still with Gilmore. 

I think there’s a level of tension between the cyborgs and Gilmore akin to that of children and their parent. He created them and he cares for them, which he’s shown time and again, and so there’s likely a feeling that to go against his wishes is not only disrespectful but just isn’t the way of things. Speaking up against your parent when you think they’re wrong is incredibly difficult and the team is only shown doing it maybe a handful of times across all the different incarnations (or what I’ve seen anyway). 

My guess as to what happened is that Joe went along with it, and without him protesting no one else felt they could either. It’s only after several resets that any of them realize the kind of toll it’s taking on Joe.

Ultimately, we’d definitely have a better idea if that manga was translated.

I could try? I’ll be going back and forth on the ferry to the city all weekend, that’ll give me time to go over the kanji at least, and that’s the major hang-up with this one. Just looking it over I’m already picking up a bit. I’d skip the beginning though, since it’s already been translated.

I agree completely about Gilmore. Not evil but he is flawed, which, character wise, makes him superior to the usual father/professor/guide type you usually get in the superhero genre. He does care about the cyborgs, and they him, but that doesn’t mean they are always gonna connect or do what’s right for each other.

As for Joe, I’d like to think there was some mental futzing going on by Gilmore/Francoise/Ivan/somebody. In the manga version they have to send Geronimo to beat the crap out of him because their access to his memory is blocked, so I assume they can access his head. So any inconsistencies Joe notices being a cyborg may get blocked/glossed over, and his “mom” may be a figment installed so that he doesn’t think he’s alone or to give him “parameters” so to speak. The girl-whose-name-I-forget though was either his own creation or some alternate manifest of His Voice. I dunno. I did start that one fic long ago where Jet drunk texts Joe all the time and even he can see that Joe is miserable.

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Sakura Con this weekend! :D Going as Re:Jet again and hoping to spot a fellow cyborg fan or two. Going to invite my cousin for Saturday.

Very tempted to ask her to wear a suit so I can spray her hair grey and then style it with the pomade I use, then put faint smudges under her eyes.

She’ll be Samuel Klein and we’ll hold hands and skip through the convention center laughing together about fucking up America for monetary gain.

Damn, does she even have a suit?

heinrippy said: Asdlshlsd THAT’S TERRIBLE WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT????

Because through their emotional pain I grow stronger?

chiauve asked: The pentagram of: 1. 60's Jet - 2. '79 Jet - 3. '01 Jet - 4. Re: Jet - 5. Archaia Jet. If having all those guys stuck in one place (and tangible) doesn't get you over here then there's something wrong with you. We also have cake. And puppies. JER GET OVER HERE ALREADY.



Is it cheesecake, Chiauve?? *is summoned*

It is a sample tray of various cheesecake flavors, and there’s plenty for all calm down, boys.

omg archaia jet…

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Was thinking about that one AU fic thing where Re:Jet isn’t Jet he’s some fancy Lazarus with Jet’s memories and if I should do anything else with it. And then I thought how awful it would be for there to be a pairing. Say, 42 for example.

Albert and Jet were together once and decide to go for it again.

Albert notices a few things off with Jet, but counts it as simply being the time apart.

They start to get intimate, and Jet says/does something that makes Albert slam on the brakes and say outright:
"You are not Jet."

Jet is confused as hell because as far as he’s concerned yes he is.

Horrible feels hijinks ensue.

Look what finally all came in da mail! Put my hand there so you can see how thick these fuckers are! Also got 1-3 of the Re: manga yays.
I don’t know where to put the Cyborg books because now they won’t fit between biology and robotics on the shelf, I know it. D:

Look what finally all came in da mail! Put my hand there so you can see how thick these fuckers are! Also got 1-3 of the Re: manga yays.

I don’t know where to put the Cyborg books because now they won’t fit between biology and robotics on the shelf, I know it. D: