(Seeing love interest in formal wear for the first time whaaat)


Pyunma let the door slam shut behind him, dropping his messenger bag the moment he was in the apartment. “Can we afford bail?”

“Only if you don’t want a new filtration system,” Jet said from the kitchen. “What happened?”

“My classmates are idiots.” Pyunma dragged his hand over his face as he walked into the kitchen. “They keep forgetting that societal norms change and try to interpret…” he trailed off as he finally saw Jet. Saw Jet’s back, since he was digging through the fridge, but that just made the well-fitted slacks more obvious. “Jet?”

“Yeah?” Jet straightened up, two bottles of beers in hand. Pyunma absently accepted one, eyes sweeping over Jet’s body. Took in how the dress pants and waistcoat accented the length of his legs and the lean lines of his torso, how he’d tamed his hair into a spill of loose curls.

Pyunma stepped forward, pressing Jet back against the counter and setting his beer down in the same movement. “You look good.”

Jet laughed and draped his arms over Pyunma’s shoulders, his own bottle pressing cold between Pyunma’s shoulders. “I had a live gig today. They want us looking nice.” Jet tugged him forward until his could nuzzle down into Pyunma’s hair. “So, you had a bad day?”

Pyunma tilted his head back, returning the nuzzle with a slow kiss. “Well, now it’s looking up.”

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My little angst bucket.

My little angst bucket.

Despite the fact that it has been continuously disproved (and as I’ve mentioned before, one of the most famous composers in the City of Fours was a Two), it’s generally believed in the City that Twos can’t play instruments/read or compose music. They simply aren’t smart enough.

(Which, unfortunately, is true in some cases. The Amon are highly unintelligent while the Kirin are barely above animal mentality. Though a Four anthropologist made a wild claim that their violent, cannibalistic behavior was actually learned from their Four masters, who would weed out weaker members to use as examples to keep the others in line. The Kirin misinterpreted the lesson of “behave or you’ll be disciplined” into “the weak displease us; kill them.”)

Of course, Twos have made the habit of working around that. They themselves become the instruments with their voices and it’s not uncommon to come across a few small a capella groups out in the streets, many of which emulate the instruments they can’t play. While Fours join in a group or sometimes form their own, a capella groups are generally considered a Two thing.

While known from the Old World and performed now and again, a capella singing didn’t make much of a comeback until some transporter Twos noticed their colonial cousins keeping themselves amused at work through singing and beatboxing, as they didn’t have easy access to radios for music as their city brethren. Delighted, the transporters carried the idea back to the City where it spread amongst the Twos like wildfire.

A few groups made a name for themselves, but most famous was an a capella rock group called Kattan Estra, the first all-Two contracted band. They were formed in the wake of the first Two to be named an officer in the Four military and in the height of a York rebellion whose rallying cry was “We will not burn”, a reference to an old war song that proclaims that all shooting stars must burn. The band’s name, Kattan Estra, is vox-Erd (the now dead language of the Jets prior the Schism) for “Shooting Star”.

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That sums it up.


It looks like Joe’s trying to do some extreme interpretive dance and the team is unimpressed and/or trying to ignore him.

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Don’t you hate it when you have the beginning of a fic in your head but you have no idea where it’s supposed to go?

One of these days I’m going to snap and go GaoGaiGar at work. I’ll be yelling out everything I’m doing as I’m stocking freight.

"Twelve cup COFFEE POOOOOOOOT!" *chucks it down the aisle"

Fifty gallon……STAAAACK TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOTE!!!!!!!!" *throws it across the store*